Best 10 Ways to Overcome Temptation

Ways to overcome temptation: Temptation, simply put, is just that which points us away from what is good and then the rest is really up to us and I don’t care if you’re a saint or a sinner, young or old, as long as there’s air in our lungs No one is free from temptation.

Now there are two things to keep in mind about temptation: First, they can be very small and annoying, like, am I going to destroy that entire bag of chips? But they can also be very serious and lead to things that destroy my peace, my relationships, my family, my marriage, my health, my career, and my life.

The second thing to keep in mind is that these temptations are just leading us away from what is good, but what is truth, love or life-giving? But sometimes we can put all the emphasis on, Oh man, what’s all this bad stuff that’s leading me too? But not enough emphasis on, Oh man, what’s all that good stuff that’s leading me away from?

“He who reign himself rules Passion, Desire and fear, Is more than a king.”


10 tips that I hope will help us all overcome temptations:

1. Know the Enemy

When we think of temptations, we usually think of the obvious, like lust, food, drinking drugs, laziness, gossip, greed, anger, and wanting everything that everybody else has that I don’t, but then they’re not so obvious. Am I tempted towards negativity? Criticism judgment resentment, and discouragement Envy vanity dark thoughts overthinking, and the two big ones doubt and self-pity. If we’re going to go into battle, the first step is to always know your enemy.

2. Know The Triggers

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

once we know our temptations, we have to know what sets them off Maybe it’s a person’s place or thing, maybe it’s a mood or feeling like boredom idleness, or complete and utter loneliness, but I think you and I know that 99.9% of all our triggers come through one thing: our portable pocket-sized conduit of all the temptation of the entire universe Know your triggers, remove and avoid the ones we can, and have a solid game plan ready in advance for the ones we can’t.

3. Stop Temptation on Your Doar

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

Temptation is just right outside our door right now Even as we speak, it doesn’t get tired; it knows all our triggers and it just waits for that perfect opportunity to come, knocking our best shot to stop it. It is right here at the door. It starts with just a thought, then our imagination entertains it, then it brings us some kind of satisfaction or delightfully powerful attraction, and then we consent. This is how the enemy gains entrance. Give in. Only a fool takes chances. Make your stand here, because it’s almost impossible to make it here.

4. Temptation: Be Temporary

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

keep reminding yourself that any temptation, no matter how strong and annoying it may be, will always pass The saying goes, The devil who knocks and knocks and finds no entrance eventually gets bored and just moves on. I’ve found it takes about 23 minutes so the next time you’re battling with some temptation, set a timer for 23 minutes and just go do something else. The best weapon for annihilating temptation is patience.

5. Surrender

As I think you know, some temptations become so wired into our brains and biology that we come to realize pretty fast that our strength and willpower just aren’t enough. Strength comes from surrendering—not surrendering to some temptation but surrendering to the one who has the power infinite power Now I know some of you are thinking Yeah, I prayed.

I prayed It does nothing Well, think of it this way: at the time of some temptation, we slowly lose control of our will It becomes agitated and excited like a crazy, out-of-control puppy Now, what happens when you place that puppy in its mother’s arms? It becomes calm subdued docile Jesus gave us all his mother, the most pure and loving creature to ever walk the face of the earth. The next time you’re battling some temptation, just place your will into your mother’s arms, take a deep breath and surrender.

6. Benefits of Temptation

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

Temptations teach us something about ourselves; they reveal who we are underneath the surface and scream out what’s broken and what needs some work, which, oh, by the way, leads to a thing called virtue, which leads to another little thing called happiness. Temptation builds strength At first, we can barely lift the small ones but then, over time, we can lift the really big ones, not to mention help others lift theirs. Think of each temptation as an opportunity to build strength.

Temptations keep us humble, my God We all think we’re God’s gift to the universe these days we’ve got to bring it down a little bit and a constant reminder of our complete and utter lack of self-control ought to do the trick Beaten Temptations boost confidence Think of how you feel right after you give in to some temptation; think of how you feel right after you don’t; and finally, the greatest among us are those who face their demons and win; no one ever rose to greatness by having an easy look at each temptation as a stepping stone to rise above ourselves.

7. Unearth Thin Roots

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

He who trims a little and Snips a little advances little We have to get to the roots Usually, we put all the emphasis on whether we’re succeeding or failing at some temptation and not enough on getting to the root cause of it all. too much fear to be alone or just too much time on our hands, but I would bet that for most of us, it just comes down to a lack of real purpose and meaning in our lives. Dig to the roots and get some help if necessary.

8. Its a Gradual Process

We’re never going to be free of temptation, at least not in this life, but with calm, patience, and brave endurance over time, we will master it. It’s not going to happen overnight; just get through the next 23 minutes in the next hour, then the next day, then the next week. Think of it as just one of those things that’s part of my daily labor, like working out, eating right, and winning every day.

9. Beat Temptation

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

No battle was ever won by running away Sure, maybe it’s a little time but inevitably we all find ourselves right back where we started, or worse, eventually, we’re all going to have to face our fears and overcome them. Temptations are the result of a lack of confidence, not only in my strength but in his so the next time you’re battling some temptation, literally imagine yourself standing up face to face with that temptation and taking control. Don’t let it beat you down; beat it down, not just with your strength but with his.

10. Keep Going

Best 10 ways to overcome temptation

And finally, we’re all going to fall, and when we do go easy on ourselves, don’t beat ourselves up or turn to worry, anxiety or fear; these are just more temptations. Just pick yourself up and keep going. When we’re face down in the dirt for the one-millionth time, there’ll be two voices, one from above of accusation and condemnation, kicking us more down and reminding us how bad we are and the other from down in the dirt with us of compassion and forgiveness, lifting us up and saying, Come on, I love you. Let’s do this together.

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Temptation, simply put, is just that which points us away from what is good, what is truth, what is love, or what is life-giving, and these are simply another name for what we call God.

These are the 10 ways that help you overcome temptation.

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