is it bad to have a routine

is it bad to have a routine

Is it bad to have a routine?

is it bad to have a routine

My first thought about this was, if something happens that is out of routine, how do you react? What is bad about having routines?

. Life is unpredictable & can get in the way of planned routines.

 I get really anxious and try to remember everything I did in the day to see if I can catch what went wrong. What I mean by out of routine is that you either forgot something that you usually do, something scary/shocking happened, or a part of your daily life just didn’t happen for some reason you either know or don’t know. Basically, anything that is a rare, sudden occurrence can cause you stress. So, coming back to the question, the routine can be a bad thing when it fails to be accomplished.

You may find less creativity & inspiration in your life.

is it bad to have a routine

Personalities like this (low neuroticism, low conscientiousness) don’t have any of that anxiety. I accept that life is precarious and fleeting, and in a single moment everything that you’ve planned for or worked towards can disappear – we have no control, so I find no easiness in creating rituals to trick myself for some time into believing I do.

Routines don’t work for everyone.

Some people feel so much better at the end of the day knowing that all things happened all day in the planned way (for the most part). I like routine because it keeps me in check and makes me feel accomplished. But, I can see how routine could be crucial to your mental health and life overall.

Routines are hard work & require total dedication.

When the routine is thrown out of wack, this may cause stress, anxiety, depression, and many more psychological difficulties that will only make life that much harder. This is because you have expectations of what is going to happen throughout your day, and when things don’t happen the way you thought they would, you don’t know what to do.


is it bad to have a routine

They won’t immediately solve all your problems.

if you don’t add new goals & objectives.

 Not all routines are good for you.

Most people who love routine suffer from a low amount of anxiety on a daily basis, and via routine, they begin to feel empowered and calm because of the sense of control that routinely provides. However, if you don’t have any underlying anxiety about life, then routine feels similar to rigid rules or restrictions: unhelpful at best, a form of torture at worst.

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