7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

7 morning habits to change your life forever. First, get up early in the morning, and second comes SAVERS, which stands for silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading & Writing.

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

So, from tomorrow on, make yourselves ready to get up early in the morning and start applying all these habits to your life. Will you do that?

Many times, when I read through the comments in my article, I find many people keep on searching in Google for what is that ONE secret, ONE habit, or ONE thing that, if I get to know once, will tear up and finish everything

Who might be able to do something bigger? Why?

Think of a common thing in your common sense: if a person is not capable of reading and learning from a 10-15-minute article or can’t focus on the things he does, how is he supposed to do his work for 10-15 hours a day? or how is he supposed to work for 10–15 years to fulfill his big dreams in life?

Because till now, I know many of you might know that if you want to do something big in life or wish to fulfill your dreams in life, you need to make a word for it. You need to have discipline in you, you need to focus on yourself, and many more things. In the same context, if a person is not able to read an article completely, then think of how that person will fulfill his or her dreams.

So, please, I request all of you NOT to do such things and ask yourself questions like why these ultra-profess legends, who put all the habits on these comments smartly, who think that they have understood everything, even without reading the article, are not able to do something in life.

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

For example, author Hal Elrod, who was in trouble after becoming rich and successful at a young age, became poor. Hardly he could live with a loan, having no money, and his broken relationships. After an accident, he had to live with his damaged body. During those difficult times, instead of running behind answers and instead of living a life full of stress and depression, he started asking questions such as, What will I be able to do to change my life forever?

For seeking the answers, he neither started to watch or read 1-2 videos or articles on habits nor anything else. No, rather, he went deep into the same question He started reading books. He studied the lives of successful people to find out what are the things that successful people do and what are the things that are common in their lives. Researching more on the topic led him to seven such things that were common in the lives of the most successful people

The author was contemplating which habits he could incorporate into his daily routine. After some thought, he decided to implement all seven habits into his life, creating a new concept.


7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

on which he has written a book that ultimately proved to be awesome. He started to apply this Miracle Morning Routine in a very interesting manner, which also changed his life rapidly.

Eventually, Hell Elrod also became a Hall of Fame business achiever who fulfilled many of his financial goals, paid off his debt, and regained his body amidst the doctor’s findings that he would never be able to walk or run like before. Interestingly, Hal Elrod became a marathon runner too. Similarly, many such events took place in his life. How?

The answer is simple. Apart from the normal people, he kept on asking more questions. Specifically, three major questions were asked.

Why? What? and How? And he also, interestingly, did this.

1. Why?

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

First, with the help of WHY, he cleared his WHAT. What habits are to be learned and why? He knew that, until and unless his Why is not clear, without a strong reason, he would not be able to apply all those habits to his life Therefore, with the help of Why, out of thousands of habits, he focused on the 7 habits because those habits were most convincingly reasonable.

For Example, Get up early in the morning. Why? Why do we need to get up?

Because most successful people do it. Why do they do it? Because getting up early in the morning gives you a lot of time and during that time, you can use your peak mental and physical capabilities. Doing the work before the world wakes up helps you stay ahead of the world He got many such answers which confirmed why this habit is one of the most important habits that we should apply to ourselves Likewise, he kept on clearing the WHY part of every habit.

2. Silence

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

Let’s talk about the second habit, which is the S of SAVERS, i.e., silence. He chose this because, according to Mahatma Gandhiji and his quote, which is shown here, when we use silence, it keeps away all the confusion and problems and shows us the solutions.

It helps us to ultimately understand what we want to do, how to do it, and why we want to do it. The most important thing to think about before starting our day is to take action or else you will just keep scrolling on your phone the entire day. Therefore, this is the reason behind choosing this habit.

3. Affirmations

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

Third, he chose affirmations. Why? Because of this quote. Muhammed Ali always believed himself to be the greatest. And since he referred to himself multiple times as the greatest, he eventually turned out to be the Best Presently, take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo, who keeps on saying that he is The Best because of which He is one of the best.

Now, saying all this is not an EGO. Because, instead of telling this to the world, they keep on saying it to themselves. I am the Best which is called Affirmation.

Affirmations mean repeating one word more than once, to yourself, so that you come to believe the fact and then take action about it. Many great successful people have said that such affirmations have helped them reach great heights in their lives. Therefore, this habit also becomes very important to apply in our lives.

4. Visualization

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

The fourth comes to visualization. There is an interesting quote that says, By using imagination, you start using visualization. This is very powerful. Even Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

There are many reasons for it. By explaining some reasons, we will be able to realize in our minds what we can do. We can re-program our minds for success; we can brainwash our minds for success, which is also an amazing thing. But people do not understand.

5. Exercise

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

Fifth, Exercise. Robin Sharma says that Eben Pagan, a self-made multimillionaire, says that the key secret to his success is to exercise after waking up in the morning and for only a few minutes.

Exercise after getting up in the morning increases our heart rate, which in turn increases our oxygen level, which is very essential and good for our health. In addition, this gives us a positive start to our day, which help us to focus our concentration and ultimately helps with many things.

6. Reading

7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life Forever

Sixth comes R of SAVERS, which is Reading Look at how many problems you might have been facing in this world Someone has already written the solution in a book Read books and thus you will be able to find solutions to all your problems. And too, reading a book once is not enough; you should re-read the book.

If you need to achieve a black belt in Karate, practicing every technique once will not help you become a master in Karate. You need to repeat one step multiple times. Practice it frequently.

Similarly, if you like a book, you should re-read it if you wish to apply the concepts to your real life, feed it into your subconscious mind and thus take action on your dreams. For that, you should re-read books. These are the reasons why reading is more powerful.

7. Write

Seventh, writing is equivalent to therapy, which gives you clarity in life and helps you get a better idea of life, which helps you take account of where you are and where you want to go. These are all very powerful.

This is the reason why he chose this habit too. Thus, all reasons made the author clear that these habits should be applied and made a part of our lives. So, once the reasons were clear, now comes the most important and most difficult task.

How do you apply all these habits to your life? How can I take action about this?


Because procrastination doesn’t allow people to apply these habits,. But the good point is that there are two reasons behind procrastination, which, once we understand them, can be avoided to some extent.

The first reason for procrastination is a lack of clarity, i.e., what should we exactly do?

The second reason is the lack of a plan, i.e., how to do any of the things. Unless these two things are clear, that’s when confusion arises. When confusion arises, we will not be able to take action; we tend to procrastinate.

So, again, to deal with all these things, the author asked several questions, like, How do I get up early in the morning?

Why aren’t we able to get up early in the morning? How do I get up? What is the easy step-by-step process to be followed? After getting up early in the morning, learn how to achieve silence. either to meditate or do prayer? What would be the most appropriate method for you? How do you make the best use of it exactly? When do we need to make use of affirmations? How exactly do you say affirmations? How not to say affirmations? What are the five steps to doing affirmations? How do I implement visualization? How do I avoid procrastination? How do I move from affirmation to visualization? What are the related steps?

Similarly, the author kept asking many such questions and he has written all the answers to those questions in his book. He did this because of the way he thought of questions and found answers.

He went much deeper into each topic, which made it simple for him to achieve everything on top. Similarly, if you also wish to incorporate all these habits into your life and you want to get up early in the morning and do all these,
it would be best for you to buy this book and read it.

But I know that reading books for the majority of the time would be difficult for you. Even though it gets difficult for me at certain times. Try to read “THE MIRACLE MORNING ROUTINE”.
If you too want to be a morning person, you want to apply these habits to your life and thereby fulfill all your big dreams.

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