Circadian Rhythm Challenges: Explore how darker mornings impact the body's natural clock, making it challenging to wake up before sunrise and affecting overall energy levels.

Morning Routine Solution: Unveil the yoga teacher's recommended morning routine as a remedy to combat fatigue and counter the effects of disrupted sleep schedules.

Winter sleep struggles: Understand the connection between cold winter mornings, difficulty waking up, and the subsequent impact on daytime energy levels and productivity.

Adjusting to Seasonal Changes: Delve into the explanation of how our bodies struggle to adjust when forced to wake before daylight during seasonal transitions.

‘Revenge Bedtime Procrastination’: Explore the phenomenon of delaying sleep due to insufficient free time during the day, leading to disrupted sleep patterns and increased interest in this habit.

Impact on Daytime Productivity: Understand how staying up late to compensate for daytime productivity affects morning wakefulness, creating a cycle of fatigue and sluggishness.

Breaking the Cycle with Morning Routine: Learn how incorporating a quick morning routine can break the cycle of disrupted sleep and revenge bedtime procrastination, fostering better energy management.

Embrace this energy-boosting morning routine to counter tiredness and navigate through the impacts of disrupted sleep schedules, especially during the winter season.