1. Sucess is 5% brains and 95% consistency. key lies not only in the brilliance of your mind but also in the unwavering commitment of consistent effort 

2. Your time and energy are leaking from three cracks

Social Media, Overthinking, Meaningless relationship

3. If someone can't tell you what their flaws are, they have the most dangerous flaws of them all; a lacks of Self awerness. 

4. Imagine playing monopoly and never buying any assets or investments that generate income for you. 

5. Someone's ability to resist material things says more about their character rather than their ability to obtain them.

6. Time alone doesn't define the success of a relationship; it's the depth of connection and mutual growth that truly signifies its well-being.

7. Self-respect comes from self-control, as the ability to manage one's impulses and actions fosters a sense of integrity and personal dignity. 

8. Social media is designed to  make you think: "May be i should doing something else, with someone else." But if you always think your happiness is somewhere else, it'll never be where you are.