Question 1: Balancing Life's Domain

To begin our journey of self-reflection, let's consider the balance in your life.  

Question 2: Monitoring Your Mood

Pay attention to the subtle interplay between negative emotions and genuine laughter, as they reveal the intricate nuances of human experience.

Question 3: Evaluating Sleep  Pattern

Quality sleep is essential for cognitive functioning and physical health.

Question 4: Nourishing Your Body

Recognize how your lifestyle choices may be affecting your physical health 

poor mental health can manifest as physical ailments 

Question 5: Recognizing Physical Manifestation    

Question 6: Evaluating Your Support Network

Your support system is crucial in your life, providing the foundation for strength during challenges and celebration in moments of triumph.

Question 7: Rediscovering       Joy

Lastly, consider the sources of joy in your life, as they often hold the key to lasting happiness.