You might think why that’s gross yeah I know but actually in Japan it said that cleaning the toilet is a great habit that makes your life successful.

Clean that toilet


start to be more aware of garbage and things on the floor of your room you’ll begin to organize more so your room will be cleaner.

To be able to organize your room


when you saw organized shoes in the house you felt better try this habit in your house you instantly feel better.

Organize your shoe


As an ancient Japanese way of thinking correcting the posture of the body would also correct the way you think.

Improve your posture


gratitude for life the Japanese believe that meat and fish as well as vegetables and fruits have life so we are grateful for each ingredient.

Gratitude For the life


It's a small thing but if you can think you're helping someone you'll be happier.

Put the chair back after using it


Japanese have long valued this habit of going to that early and getting up early because the Japanese people in the past worshiped the Sun every morning.

Wake Up early in the Morning