11 simple Ways to improve your life

11 tips to help you start improving your life

These eleven facts help you to understand how to be fine in your life and help to create a simple, meaningful, and healthy life.

Some ideas proved very useful and certainly renovated, but some ideas were also contentious.

Here, then, are 11 tips to help you start improving your life:

1. A Small act of kindness can improve your Life self-esteem

If you do something nice for another person and help them out in some way, sure, you are doing something selfless because you are giving up your time putting forth effort for something that doesn’t involve you, however, you feel good about it. If you are doing that good deed and you know you are going to feel good about it, does that make it selfish in some way?

Either way, small acts of kindness every day should be encouraged and put a smile on other people’s lives or but you are also boosting your self-esteem by doing these things.  

A good deed can be anything; it can be helping an old person to cross the road, holding the elevator doors for someone, or it can be buying a coffee and a bagel for a homeless person. It doesn’t matter how big or small.

2. Try to talk to yourself kindly

Negative self-talk can quickly erode your self-esteem and force you into a negative mindset that controls your life. The problem is, we all do it and we don’t realize it.

Negative self-talk gets worse as life progresses and we are surrounded by it from the moment we are born. This comes in the form of parents and teachers telling us what we can and can’t do. We absorb this information and it becomes our truth which we carry throughout our entire lives.

So to overcome this negative self-talk you should try to talk to yourself positively and kindly but it takes more than one month before a new habit replaces an old one and becomes automatic.   

3. What are you grateful for?

Many people said to focus on the idea of being grateful for everything you have and practicing gratitude. This is something we don’t tend to do automatically, taking for granted many of the things we have around us.

There are times in everyone’s lives when they feel like they are not sure where to turn. Some people also go through dark times and during these times it’s hard to see anything positive amongst all the negativity in the world and in their minds. By focusing on the things and the people you have in your life, you will learn to be more grateful and not take these things and people for granted anymore. Writing these points on a daily basis helps you to create a cycle of gratitude that grows the more you focus on it.   

4. Learning your love language enhances your relationships

We assume that we should treat other people as we want to be treated, but have you ever stopped to think that perhaps we should treat other people as they want to be treated?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the relationship is to assume that your partner wants things exactly the same way as you and that they will respond to certain events in the same way that you do.  We are different and that means we have our own likes and dislikes.

By learning to treat others how they want to be treated and now how you would like to be treated, you can improve your communication and have better relationships overall.

5. Downsize your belongings and declutter your mind

The idea of leaving below your means has been around for many years, but it’s something we don’t seem to pay much attention to in this day and age. However, in today’s age, owning material items signifies success and abundance. This is considered to be the best way to live your life.

But does it brings happiness?

If you have less and keep only the things you actually use and need, you will feel lighter and happier within yourself.

There are a lot of benefits to be had from either donating the things you don’t want to charity or selling them. It’s something we could all try every so often.

6. Learning to say “yes” brings a wealth of new opportunities

When you start to say 

“yes” more often, you open up your life to new and exciting opportunities. These doors remain shut if you refuse to seek out new chances in life, but when you start to agree, doors will open mysteriously. One opportunity often leads to another, and another, and before you know it, your life has changed beyond recognition, compared to what it was before.

Saying “yes” means you start to see your life as a story that only you can write and you make brave choices to try brand-new things. You will feel fantastic, and who knows where it may lead you?

7. A little self-care is necessary

We are all so busy these days, running from one appointment to another, trying to tick items off our to-do list, but taking the time to recharge and have a little “me” time is vitally important if you want to be happy and healthy.

The reason is that we all have our own idea of what self-care is for us for some, that will be spending time in nature; for others, it will be having a long, hot bath and reading a book: for others people, it spending time with friends, or maybe going to a party. Self-care doesn’t always need to be something that brings you comfort and allows you to recharge.  

8. Find your personal daily productive time

The top 5% of the population is successful because they get up early and focus the first hour or two of the day on self-development. This could be sitting in silence and reflecting, using affirmation, exercising, or visualization. By doing this we can become a better version of ourselves.

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“Society likes the idea of getting up early and being productive, but not everyone is able to do that until much later on in the day. Energy is a personal thing.”

I think every single person has a miracle hour, that one hour or two a day when you always seem to crank out your best work and deepest thought with ease.

Identify the time of day when you are most productive and schedule your most important and focused tasks for that time.

9. Stop lying to yourself and start being honest

When we are children, we tend to tell white lies and we don’t tend to think too much about the consequences. However, as we grow older, we come to realize that lying is an option or choice, something we decide to do or not.

“Lying is a choice, but blaming your lack of success or lack of happiness on an event or problem is really a result of your negative self-talk and sentiments. Learn to understand them and overcome them.”

Identify why you speak to yourself in a negative way about a particular situation or problem in your life. Unpick it and try and understand more. By doing that, you can move past it.

10. Diets don’t equal a happier life or a smaller waistline

Across the world, there are countless diets reputed to make you skinnier, happier, and healthier, and help you into that size zero dress. However, should we really be focusing our efforts on becoming skinners in order to become happier? Of course not!

“Diet does not lead to happiness you can only find that in the body’s acceptance.”

Diets simply lead you toward a negative cycle of obsession. It’s far healthier to simply eat a balanced and varied diet while exercising on a regular basis.

11. Sometimes acceptance is more beneficial than forgiveness

Many people talk about the idea of forgiveness and that you should forgive anyone who has done wrong to your life. The problem with this way of thinking is that those wrongs could be anything from telling a small lie that causes no harm, to someone to hurting you or your family in a major way. In that case, how can you forgive something so huge?

“Something, it isn’t possible to forgive someone for hurting you. In that case, it’s far better to accept the situation in your mind that forced you to forgive.”  

Did you know?  the definition of forgiving is “ stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake.”


Some ideas proved very useful and certainly renovated but some ideas were also contentious.

1. Sit down and think about the area of your life that you feel could benefit from a little help.

2. Do you have a situation in your life that you feel you need to accept and move on from? Rather than forcing yourself to forgive someone try to accept it instead and see if you feel more able to move forwards as a result.

3. do you push your body to unnatural limits with a restrictive diet? take moment to stop and understand why accepting your body for the wonderful and miracle-performing thing it really is, is far more beneficial.  

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