11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

Over the years, it’s been noted that the rich keep advancing further and further in comparison to the average individual. They are becoming increasingly wealthy by the day. I’m sure you’ve spent a sufficient amount of time wondering what it is they’re doing. ‘What do they know that I don’t?’. 

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

 Well, today’s your lucky day. I’m going to tell you all about the money rules that the rich religiously abide by. And I’m sure that it’ll change your perspective on money instantly for the better.

 Rule #1: Create multiple income streams.

One way to get stuck in your financial journey is to have one income stream. What if you lose your job or get sick and have to take days off? 

Not only will you lose money, but your spending will also be severely limited. However, only the rich know about this. I don’t know any rich guys with only one income stream. Most of them have several businesses that they run.

Others have invested in potentially rewarding fields. Additionally, some may earn money from different sources, like giving speeches, serving on corporate boards, and also from their regular salary. All these avenues are ways to keep their money coming in.

I think you should also adopt this mentality. Living from paycheck to paycheck is sort of exhausting because unexpected expenses always come up. If you have multiple income streams, you’ll be a step ahead of your financial strains.

Rule #2: Concentrate on building wealth rather than appearing wealthy.

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

The biggest mistake many make when trying to emulate the rich is buying expensive items. Clothes, cars, and a huge house. While yes, the rich have the best of the best, buying everything flashy is not a top priority. The rich think about the bigger picture—all big expenses are viewed as investments.

They ensure that first, enough money is saved up for their future and that they have a sufficient nest egg. Don’t fall into the trap of buying expensive things just to keep up with appearances.

There is a big difference between acting rich and being rich – focus on the latter. Use the money for your good first and then go on shopping sprees.

Rule #3: Use debt as a tool

Did you know that rich people aren’t scared of taking on debt? Unlike the average Joe, they use debt to their advantage. Instead of using credit cards to buy groceries or pay for a vacation, they’d rather leverage debt to help their wealth grow.

A good example is when they buy a house for rent. As much as it seems like a big risk to take, if you calculate how much you’ll be making monthly, you’ll probably pay that money back in a year or two.  

You’ll have added to your net worth by increasing your earnings. If you ask me, I’d say that it’s a very good plan. The point is, why wait for the money to come in when you could take a loan and work your way up? What you should all do here is take your time studying how debt can work in your favor and create a plan that you can follow.

Rule #4: Make wise investments

When it comes to investing, the worst thing you can do is rely blindly on someone else to tell you where to invest. If there’s one lesson you should take from the rich, it is you should be doing your due diligence. They always do proper research and consult a professional if need be.

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

Making non-informed decisions, especially financial ones is a recipe for disaster. Investing is a crucial step in your financial journey, especially when you look at it as another form of income.

This is why you need to shun those get-rich-quick schemes and only invest in what you know. Get in touch with a professional who can look at your finances and view your goals so that they can build you a road map of sorts to follow.

Rule #5: Benefit from tax breaks

Rich people are notorious for utilizing tax benefits. Even if they occasionally earn a bad name for it, acting within the law to reduce taxes as much as possible is not criminal.

Everyone can take advantage of the tax code, not just the wealthy. Everyone should be aware of the tax benefits of choosing their investment accounts wisely and the potential tax benefits of maximizing their tax-advantaged investing each year.

The good news is that these guidelines are not insurmountably difficult for average people to adhere to. Once you start to live by them, you’ll be one step closer to the wealthier version of yourself.

Rule #6: Spending Must Align With Goals

The best way to stay rich is to make sure that your spending is aligned with your goals. Having goals is what is going to limit your spending so that you don’t get off track. The rich have all this figured out. They know what they want to do with their money.

This could be maintaining a certain lifestyle or maybe passing their wealth on to the next generation. For this reason, it’s very rare to find them wasting resources. To the rich, even throwing away unused staple pins is a great waste.

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

Consider this: how many unused pins would accumulate by the end of the year? Probably hundreds, maybe more. The rich folk’s mindset is always fixed on spending on things that will make them wealthy in one way or the other. This is the main reason that they always try to avoid things that have no value in their lives. It’s time you also started spending on things that matter.

Rule #7: Plenty of liquidity

Just in case a pandemic happens right now, how much do you have saved in your bank account to get you through? If I speak for myself, I’d say I’m good for 8 months. Financial advisors suggest that a good emergency fund should be able to take you through 6 to 12 months of living expenses.

The rich have made sure that they have the money to take them through such tough periods. They make sure they have enough liquid assets, or cash, to meet their immediate demands. An emergency fund is always essential so that unexpected events won’t have to disturb their lives.

The ability to save a good sum of money is not just limited to the wealthy. They have cash on hand because they have the self-control to save. Everyone should work to accumulate an emergency fund with enough money to cover costs for six to nine months.

You don’t have to save that much money all at once, though. Simply keep putting effort towards that objective with each paycheck. In light of this, set up an automatic transfer of a certain sum from your bank account, to make the process as easy as possible.

Rule #8: It’s Important to Hire Advisors

Rich people surround themselves with savvy tax, legal, and financial experts. These are the three best friends that they hold dear. The truth is that the rich don’t strive to handle everything on their own. No one has that capacity. We would burn out if we had to deal with all the aspects that come with being wealthy.

You don’t have to be wealthy to engage with an advisor if you want to improve your chances of building wealth. Even if you’re earning very little, you can also get yourself an advisor.

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

On the other hand, making an early investment in a support system can assist you later on to get the wealth you want.

If you don’t have a financial advisor, chances are that you’ll keep making the same errors and you’ll keep blaming having No money for your inability to turn your life around. You mustn’t cut corners by selecting a less experienced professional just because their charges are affordable. 

Remember, cheap is always expensive. You should hire the best advisor you can afford to avoid wasting money on bad advice, which happens frequently. Before you get one, research them first to make sure that they have all the needed qualities. This might lessen the likelihood that you will lose money as a result of someone else’s incompetence, bad judgment, or lack of morals.

Rule #9: Donate To Charitable Causes

Rich people are aware that giving to charities benefits their financial situation in addition to the world at large. This, however, might be viewed as a cheap publicity trick from the rich to look good.

However, did you know that you may deduct donations to eligible charities from your taxes if you itemize your returns rather than choose the standard deduction? Your taxable income decreases as you make more deductions. Giving to charities is a great way to lessen the impact of taxes.

This is a secret of the wealthy, yet anyone can implement it. Keep your receipts and submit them to your charitable deduction, whether you send a cheque to your preferred charity or give clothing to Goodwill. Alternatively, create a donor-advised fund to be more thoughtful in your giving.

These straightforward, inexpensive funds are offered by investing companies and enable you to receive a tax deduction when you deposit money into the account. Then, you can give it according to your schedule. At the end of the day, you end up getting even richer.

Rule #10: Take Advantage of Time—Not Timing

This concept confuses a lot of people. They usually prefer good timing rather than taking advantage of the time itself. A good example is the stock market.

It is impossible to forecast what the stock market will do tomorrow. The wealthy are aware of this and don’t try to work a second job as day traders. Timing is not as crucial to successful investing as time.

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

The majority of people think that the secret to becoming wealthy through the stock market is to predict how the market will move. However, those who are affluent are aware that the most crucial elements in increasing money are time and compound returns. Contrary to popular belief, being wealthy requires investors to stick to a boring buy-and-hold strategy, endure market swings, and avoid speculative investments.

Rule #11: Put It in Writing.

How many times have you forgotten to do something you’ve been planning for a while? That’s just how we’re built. Sometimes we tend to forget the small details that end up causing greater damage. Having an idea and putting it on paper is what keeps us away from failure.

The rich consider their wealth to be the key to their success. How they got to their success is quite easy: they wrote down their goals and plans on paper. Maybe because of how obvious and simple this step seems, many completely ignore it.

11 Golden Rules Of Money for Becoming Rich

Funnily enough, ignoring this step causes them to forget the task altogether, thereby pushing away success a lot more. When you write them down, you simply bring them to reality. Perhaps you’ll have a to-do list so that you get things done in order. So, sit down and think about your goals as you write them down.

These are among the many rules that the rich know about money that most of us aren’t aware of. I’m glad you’re now aware. The only thing that’s left to do right now is act on it. And with time, you’ll be handling money like a pro.

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Thanks for reading and, don’t forget to comment and hit that thumbs up if any of these rules work for you. Until next time. Have a great day!

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